BCA Networking and Computers
Computer and networking solutions for the small business


BCA Networking and Computers can support your small business with any Windows or MAC based workstations and servers as well as networking for your small business. I have been in business for 10 years and have the experience you need.

Experience is what you need for supporting your small business. I have been working with customers for 9 years. I am able to give you the technical support you need.I can also recommend competent, reliable and ethical companies should you need full time support.

BCA Networking and Computers is a small business dedicated to providing reliable and competent support to other small businesses. I work early mornings and evenings to provide you support. If I am unable to perform the duties you require I will recommend another company that has a reputation that is fair and competent. I have worked with many of the Technical Support companies in the Bay area and can provide you with a good referal.

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